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Adam Jamaludin has released a book on how to create successful websites.
Seremban's Adam Jamaludin is well known in the Malay website building community by the moniker #imthewebguy -  a flattering title for the successful, talented and humble man.  

Adam compares websites to being real stores and says if you don't attract customers to your store you will likely fail to sell anything. 

His first rule is "You must generate TRAFFIC" to your store.

"Your website/store must be neat, orderly and you also want it complete with a shop assistant to guide you around the entire operation of the store and this person must take care of money management too," he said. 

"Sales will not happen if there is no traffic coming into the webpage. Sales only happens if you present heavy traffic to the site - sales will only happen  when you attract the right audience to your website."  And this is where Adam excels, as he is adept at creating sites that ensures both these actions.

Adam has just released a book detailing some of his secrets as to  how he structures his sites and the book is a "must have"  for those wanting success in the business of Online sales.

Why should you buy this book? .

 It presents very useful information and descriptions on building your website in the form of sales pages, something  that must be mastered by those who intend to run an internet business.

It provides useful guides and tips on how to build your own site from the first step of purchasing a domain and hosting until the website is ready to be published.

Presented in a compact, concise and relaxed manner the book is designed to attract the interest of any potential readers seeking digital website 'store' success.

It is an 'ABC and complete step-by-step guide' in regards to website building, suitable for both beginners and Pro's.

In his free time Adam also likes to make tutorials on Youtube and blog ideas.
His video tutorials are unique, some are musical, and others more on the web coaching content but he really likes building the web and teaching the web tricks, especially to Malaysians.
Check Youtube Adam Jamaludin #imthewebguy.

You can contact Adam for more information about the book or purchase the book from one of the links below:


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