Take a local holiday in N9 this year

Have a neat quiet relaxing holiday close to home.

There’s no need to travel too far for a holiday this year as you never know what can happen at the moment.

In fact relaxing locally may be the best thing you will do this year, for yourself and others.

Not only will you be a safe distance from home, in case outbreaks continue, but you’ll also be helping out your fellow N9 people by spending your ringgit locally.

Not far north of Seremban in Kenaboi, there are plenty of natural options including walking the many hiking trails, swimming in lush clean rivers, relaxing with a book (sometimes signal sometimes not!) or perhaps do some kayaking.

All this is available in Negeri Sembilan, you don’t need to go interstate to experience nature -it’s right here in our backyard!

Kenaboi Adventure Camp

Kenaboi Adventure Camp offers a nice camp ground near the river, that has training for team groups, full aquatic equipment, a variety of activities, outdoor and indoor team building and leadership, as well as arranged hikes to mountains, caves and waterfalls.

Family fun in the rocky smooth flowing river at Kenaboi Adventure Camp Picture © Nic Falconer – serembanonline
Photograph: © Kenaboi Adventure Camp

Chalet Rozi Sg Pah

Another fantastic place to camp or rent a room nearby is at Chalet Rozi Sg Pah and you can contact them at 019 356 6570 for prices and bookings.

Chalet Rozi Sg Pah is so quiet with the only sound you’ll hear during your stay is water flowing, birds chirping and children playing.
© Nic Falconer Serembanonline.com

Guests can camp under the house or outside and there is an outdoor kitchen for cooking.

Put the phone away for the weekend and give your children some outdoor experiences with swinging tyres, water pistols, fishing, building sandcastles or just splash about in safe slow running pools. Photograph © Nic Falconer – Serembanonline.com

Just near the entry to Chalet Rozi is a one hundred year-old wooden mosque built around the same time as Seri Menanti Palace, which is in dire need of repair.

The locals have a goal to rebuild it so Muslim guest can use the original mosque.

Okam Akam Homestay

Not far from here is the largest holiday retreat, the Oman Akam Homestay, which offers 9 rooms with rates from RM60-RM100 per night – each room has a toilet with queen and king size beds and there is a small swimming pool for children.

There is also a BBQ and kitchen area, with Astro, and a very large field as big as a football pitch so large activities like weddings or reunions can take place.

It is ideal for larger groups wanting to go hiking at Kenaboi state park, bikers doing tours of the area or weddings etc

Cyclists get ready for a tour of the area after spending a night at Oman Akam Homestay. © Photograph Oman Akam FB
Weddings, reunions, or hiker groups can stay at Oman Akam which offers larger rooms and space to camp. Photo © Oman Akam FB

The Homestay also has a small childrens swimming pool and a kitchen if you wish to cook your own meals.

Serembanonline recommends the pulut, rendang daging and sambal goreng akan bilis, pictured below.

Not far from Oman Akam Homestay in Kg Peradong is a wonderful food stop, Santai d Peradong, owned and operated by Md Zainodin bin Asmat, location in link here – https://goo.gl/maps/KgnWSbAkuTfw5j1p8

After 8 years studying accountancy and working in the food departments of the Dorchester Hotel in England Zainodin returned to Malaysia to open his own restaurant.

Md Zainodin bin Asmat at Santai d Peradong © Pic Nic Falconer-serembanonline.com

The menu, full of a variety of options that has fresh fish varieties like smoked fresh ikan baung, ikan keli and local favourite smoked jangat (smoked cow skin), plus there are smoked lamb, chicken and duck dishes.

They open early at 6.30am until 3.30pm and are open Monday to Saturday and also do catering. Contact Zainodin on 017 649 1165

So this year just travel to a local area and relax in the wonderful homestay environment on offer and help support your fellow Negeri Sembilan folk – it’s been tough for many.


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