Good Citizens Running For Charity

The team of six friends are raising funds for the local Yayasan Chow Kit charity that was hit hard by COVID19

Seremban’s Hayati Ramli and her fellow Malaysian friends are not sitting down and watching a community suffer during COVID -they are doing something about it – they’re running for them!

Hayati and her friends share the same interest in running or fast brisk walking and they also believe in trying to help make a better world for others, so they run to help out the children at Yayasan Chow Kit.

Some of the staff with the children that Yayasan Chow Kit supports.

Covid-19  hit the Chow Kit community hard – homelessness, joblessness, limited access to food or education and  lack of medical  support crashed into their urban community. 

So  Hayati, Sue Bahrinal, Michelle Chua, Amirah Azhari, Rauzan Rafeeq and Firdaus Hisham decided to channel their passion for running to help fundraise for the Yayasan.

They run, or walk fast, and you can sponsor the miles they complete.

Hayati running along the streets of Seremban has joined a charity initiative to be sponsored to run for Yayasan Chow Kit run
Hayati running along the streets of Seremban has joined a charity initiative with some of her friends who are sponsored by donors to run for the organisation of Yayasan Chow Kit. © Photograph Nic Falconer-

As Hayati explains, “Our friends think it is funny to “torture” us by donating and requesting a certain runner to complete a 10km sponsorship,” she laughs.

You can help play a part in Hayati’s fundraising to help Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) which is a 24-hour crisis and drop-in centre providing meals, activities, therapy, case management, and educational programmes meals, for at-risk children and teenagers around Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur.

The sponsorship program is legitimate and run by Asia’s leading Crowdfunding platform for Social Impact, SimplyGiving, who verify the actions so that donors have confidence that the money donated is accounted for in a secure and transparent manner. 

Smart watch KM detection
Hayati and her friends record their run time and km rate with smartwatch technology. © Photograph Nic Falconer-

Donations raised are transferred directly into the charity’s nominated bank account.

The group of friends set a target of RM5000 and today are just shy of RM10000 from 87 kind donors.

Malaysia has a bright and kind future to look forward to with young people leading like this in their midst – Run Hayati and friends, run!

Hayati running along the roads in Seremban
Hayati running along the roads in Seremban. © Photograph Nic Falconer-


What does it mean to donors when you donate/fund this charity?

All donations to YCK are tax-exempt.

  • RM 50 will give 2 children equal access to healthcare and ensure they develop healthily
  • RM 75 will give 2 children access to education and will cover all their basic education needs including books and internet data
  • RM 100 will provide a family of 5 with basic food aid needs per month
  • RM 200 can help 3 children who have been abused physically/emotionally or sexually access shelter placements for a safe and nurturing care
  • RM 500 will help pay rent for a family and reduce the risk of being evicted from their homes thus reducing the chances of falling homeless
  • Donation can be as low as RM10 and as high as you wish.

What does it mean to us runners?

  • For every RM10 donated, we will run 1km for you.
  • It would be a team challenge for us to run as much as and as far as the amount collected.
  • We track our mileage on Strava.
  • If you are eager to be part of this, feel free to reach out to any one of us.
  • If you are interested to view our progress, you may access this link.
  • Link:

If you like please check in on the link below and donate if you can to help these community heroes – in the long term it leads to a better society.


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