Honey Man Helps Old Folks

David Chong has a kelulut farm (honey) in the hilly jungles near Temiang. The proceeds raise money for an old folks home he cares for.

Temiang man David Chong has a sweet personality and upon meeting him it’s very easy to see why, as he directs us like a car park attendants we arrive at his ‘bee showroom’ with an ear to ear smile as big as himself.

This sixty-year-old plus Seremban man has built a life that revolves around two things, kelulut honey, prospectively one of the world’s new superfoods, and taking care of elderly people at his sponsored old folks home in Taman Rasah.

“I need a steady source of funds to upkeep the old folks shelter, and this is where I hope my very own kelulut honeys and Tongkat Ali health supplements and products can help, ” he said.

Inside his “bee showroom” on Jalan Temiang David exudes all sorts of learned knowledge to me about the benefits of kelulut honey, health wise and the differences between the varieties of honey that stingless bees produce, giving his acute in-the -forest observations that come from his 10 years of watching these super-food honey machines in action.

Dozens of bee hives on the fields near Seremban.
© Photo Nic Falconer – Serembanonline.com

Before long we head up to the forested hills where all the action takes place and as we drive up the rickety road David explains how he conducted some research by blending some kelulut honey with Tongkat Ali.

“The ingredients were preserved in jars for eight month then together with my Orang Asli farmworkers, we consumed the formula and after a few days, we felt the benefits, ” he said.

Kelulut honey bee farm in Seremban.© Photo Nic Falconer – Serembanonline.com
Orang Asli worker Zamri smokes the box to demonstrate how they remove the honey. © Photo Nic Falconer – Serembanonline.com

David, with help from his Orang Asli workers shows us around the forest area where trees are covered with dozens of boxes and randomly opens one, untangling barbed wires wrapped around the roofing and base.

Orang asli worker Zul unties barbed wire from the kelulut box. © Photo Nic Falconer – Serembanonline.com

Smoke clears the bees away and David investigates the interior by poking a knife into what can only be described as an ‘alien looking’ landscape, pointing out the cerumen pots built with propolis and beeswax.

Cerumen pods look like alien space pod connections. © Photo Nic Falconer – Serembanonline.com
A rare sighting of the Queen bee.© Photo Nic Falconer – Serembanonline.com

He gets very excited and his ear to ear grin said it all, “We almost never see the Queen bee,” he smiles, whilst letting her crawl along his thumb for as minute or so before deftly disappearing down a hole.

An article published in The Star (Feb 25, 2020) reported that kelulut honey produced from stingless bees is said to contain a higher level of antioxidants than honey farmed from normal bees and may be due to their unique cerumen pot constructions.

“Drink,” says David handing me a paper straw which I poke into one of the pots overflowing with fresh honey – OMG, I’ve never tasted anything so smooth – It’s truly liquid gold for the senses!

Sucking sweet kelulut from a cerumen pod using a paper straw. © Photo Nic Falconer – Serembanonline.com

Back at ‘bee showroom’ we taste-test a variety of honeys and dry pollens loving the unique differences of sourness, sweetness and flavour as David tells us which type of the 35 stingless bees made the product we consume and any proven benefits of taking it.

“Good for the skin, this one’ says David, whose face actually glows. He’s a year or two older than I am but doesn’t look it, with not a wrinkle to be seen.

No wonder the 15 old folks, both men and women, that he cares for at Persatuan Kebajikan Warga Usia Emas Tong Sim at Taman Rasah love him.

If you can assist David by purchasing his products or making a donation it will help aid the old folks he cares for as this extended MCO period has severely reduced his ability to fund the home.

If you can help or need more information about the honey products or want to know how to make a honey pot then please contact secretary of Persatuan Kebajikan, Jess on her mobile, 019 210 6828 as appointments need to be arranged.


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