Order in some makan sedap


Kak Ros and her son Kairil offer some very, very, sedap food from their kedai makan in Selera Cantik located on Jln Penghulu Cantik, near Klana resort, behind Centrepoint.

You won’t be disappointed with this very nice food selection, full of flavour – sedap2!

They have had the shop since 2003 but like most food vendors did not think something like COVID would stop people visiting the premises as it is the Malaysian way, eating out, so they adapted.

They both manage an efficient home delivery options whilst lockdowns persist, so skip the fast food chains for a night and support our local Seremban residents through this pandemic.

Kuey Teow Cantonese – RM 8

Kuey Teow Cantonese – RM 8

Char Kuey Teow/Mee/Nasi Goreng
-Udang ~ RM 7
-Daging/Tomyam ~ RM 8
-Daging Salai/Kambing ~ RM 9
-Udang Rimau ~ RM 11

🍲 Goreng Panas 🍲
Nasi Goreng

  1. Biasa/Cina – RM 6
  2. Kampung – RM 6
  3. Ayam – RM 8
  4. Cili Api – RM 6

Mee/Bee Hoon/Kuetiau

  1. Jawa Telur – RM 6
  2. Jawa Ayam – RM 8
  3. Laksa – RM 6
  4. Sup – RM 6
  5. Kari – RM 7

Dan juga Tauhu Sumbat (1 set) ~ RM 2

Order-in by call Ros via her WhatsApp connection: https://wa.me/%2B60176156386?text=Gerai%20Seri%20Putih%20(Pre-Order)

Ros’s son handles the delivery side of his mums business.


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