Kenaboi State Park

Kenaboi State park is full of birdlife and natural activities
Kenaboi State Park offers relaxation and quiet in the campgrounds of the state park or vigorous
hikes to caves and waterfalls.

Located just 100km’s from Seremban and 63 km’s north of Kuala Klawang, Taman Negeri Kenaboi Forest Reserve is predominantly a Hill Dipterocarp Forest full of birds, streams, rivers and a lovely waterfall or two!

It is forest rich in a variety plants such as wild orchids, herbs, ferns and palm trees – it is a beautiful forest.

Watch small birds fish along the stream, create a statue or hike into the jungle to discover sharp steep cliffs and caves-up to you.
© Pic Nic Falconer –

Thee area began to be explored in the 1990’s by 4WD extreme sports activities through the Jemaloi Valley.

On any given day, or night, you can see (or hear) some of the 152 species of birds, from large eagles, kingfishers and Hornbills to Flycatchers and in the afternoon you can see smaller birds speeding centimetres above the rivers surface picking up insects from the river.

Quiet calm in the streams near the campground in Kenaboi. © photo Nic Falconer-

There is a great campground with modern facilities, kitchens, toilets and showers and a store, dining hall and lecture room for large groups. There are some small chalets, dormitory rooms and camp spots for tents.

Most importantly visitors must obtain a permit to enter the park so apply for your permit (RM5) from the State Forestry Department’s office in Kuala Klawang in advance. It is very very popular on weekends so if you wish to gain accommodation or a tent spot on weekends plan well ahead. If you can’t stay at the park you can get nearby accommodation at Kenaboi Adventure Camp homestay, Omar Akam or Chalet Rozi near Kampung Peradong.

For any packages and homestays in the area you would like to experience, contact Nizam Shahabudin at Nusatra travel on 0107829202.

Expect to get wet when you trek in the forest trails at Kenaboi as there are many stream crossings and you have to wade through to get to the waterfalls and steep rock faces.

Criss crossing streams is part of the journey to enter the park at Kenaboi ..© Photo Nic Falconer –

You will need a guide at this park as there are 4WD tracks to follow and knowledge of the areas to see that only they have.

So put the phone down for a few days and experience the natural world with your friends or family-you won’t regret it.

Remember to check and get a permit before you leave and there are some closure dates.


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