Does The Buna Coffee & Bakery serve the best coffee in PD?

The Buna Cafe in Port Dickson makes great coffee, cake and bakeries.

When Mohd Firdhaus was looking to open a coffee and bakery cafe in Port Dickson he was looking for a location that was unique, a place that customers would remember, not just for the great coffee, cakes and baked goods the staff were making.

Coffee cold or hot? Your choice of many flavoured drinks. © Nic Falconer –

He wanted to create an experience that customers would not forget.

He couldn’t have picked a better spot for his cafe in Port Dickson which after some paint and re-styling created a place that is a little bit French, a lil bit Italian but definitely Malay.

Yummy cakes and savouries at The Buna coffee and Bakery shop in Port Dickson. © Nic

The cafe looks French from the outside and the Chinese italics carved into the exterior wall above the cafe also shows the age of the building, but the benteng malam lining the street in the evenings plants it firmly in Malaysia.

The view from The Buna Coffee and Bakery cafe looks over the port and sea to Indonesia. © photo Nic Falconer –

So what more could you want?

The aromatic smell of Italian roasted coffee beans, French style patisseries and huge slices of cake make it decidedly Western, but a closer view across the road from the cafe of fishing boats and ferries arriving from Indonesia make the experience Malaysian – a best of both worlds.

Of course pretty places and great locales doesn’t automatically mean good coffee and food but all Firdhaus’s staff are trained as barista’s for the coffee and know how to make and serve the western style bakery items.

See their FB page The Buna Coffee & Bakery for the incredible variety of cakes, bakeries and coffees, hot or cold, with mixed flavourings from Pandan Black Sugar Frappe’s to yoghurt smoothies or just a black coffee on offer.

It is definitely a memorable taste of the West located in the East.


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