Climb every mountain

Lieutenant Colonel (PA) Che Adam A Rahman
Lieutenant Colonel (PA) Che Adam A Rahman NST photo.

When Lieutenant Colonel (PA) Che Adam A Rahman is donating his blood for the 79th time he still finds some time to climb seven mountain peaks in a week.

The 46 year-old, began his steep weekly mission on April 1, during which he conquered the peak of the 1,276 metres Gunung Ledang, in Johor, followed by Gunung Angsi in Negeri Sembilan (825 m); Gunung Hitam in Selangor (1,220 m); Gunung Kerunai in Perak (1,000 m); Mount Jerai in Kedah (1,175 m); Gunung Sarut inTerengganu (1,229 m) and Gunung Siku in Pahang (1,915 m).

 During a stint at the Emergency Unit at Seremban Hospital, Negeri Sembilan, he saw many patients in need of blood such as those in accidents, thalassemia, anaemia, women who shed blood and so on.

“Starting from there, I felt the need to donate blood to help those in need and at least my practice is able to give life to other human beings,” he said.

Che Adam’s climbing feat will make him the first Malaysian and civil servant to be recorded in the Malaysia Book Of Records to climb seven mountains in seven days, with a ceremony scheduled to be held next week.

The former medical officer is in training for a solo expedition to the Everest Base Camp (EBC) in Nepal next year and dedicated his success in conquering the seven mountain peaks to the front-liners, in respect of the challenges they face every day.


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