Masjid Hussain Seremban 2

masjid Hussain
Men enter the masjid Hussain in Seremban 2 for Friday prayer in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

The Masjid Hussain in Seremban 2 was officially opened on October 24, 2014.

Tan Sri Rashid Hussain, a prominent ex-banker, endowed this 3,000 capacity mosque to the Muslim community , which was built at a cost of RM22.6 million.

It is really beautiful, both inside and out, and a great place for Muslims to pray or visitors to see.

S2 City park is a wonderful spot to walk or for the kids to play. © Photo by Nic Falconer

Masjid Hussain is located near to S2 City Park which has some great walkways, lakes playground equipment and big trees, so a visit to both is possible.

Muslims answer the call to prayer on Friday at Masjid Hussain in Seremban2 © photograph Nic


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