Time to be charitable

Azizan kisses Mohammed Razif who has severe cerebral palsy and needs constant care for 24 hours a day. Razif was abandoned by his parents at birth and they have never enquired about his welfare. Razif has now been adopted by Azizan. Razif was the first boy taken under care from Azizan thirteen years ago. pics ©️ Nic Falconer - serembanonline

Muslims and muslim companies are encouraged to be generous and increase their charitable activities during Ramadan so there is always a lot of kind giving done by communities and businesses

Siti Khadijah Apparel Sdn Bhd is a zakat payer to the Federal Territories Islamic Religious Council Zakat Collection Centre (PPZ-MAIWP) and assisted 100 visually-impaired people from the Development Organisation For The Blind Malaysia. 

The company gifted over RM15,000 worth of contributions in the form of hampers, Raya cash and food for the breaking of fast for those who cannot afford food.

The contributions that were distributed at Dewan Rukun Tetangga Brickfields, Jalan Padang Belia here, were from the Wakalah Fund.

Abdul Hakim Amir Osman, PPZ-MAIWP acting chief executive officer sent in a statement thanks to all the six companies which had co-operated with PPZ-MAIWP to deliver the contributions via the programme during Ramadan.

The man on the left is blind and Azizan assists him in doing massage to earn some money. pics ©️ Nic Falconer – serembanonline

He expressed his thanks to Siti Khadijah Apparel Sdn Bhd for its loyalty in becoming our zakat payer and who is also willing to help those in need together with us.

He hoped that Siti Khadijah Apparel Sdn Bhd would be an example to other companies to also carry out their duties to pay zakat to PPZ-MAIWP.

In Seremban there is some wonderful charitable work done by Datuk Azizan Hang Tuah and his family who are helped in small part by the government but they would welcome any donations which can be made by contacting them at:
  Tel: 606 6791 442 or HP: 019-2044 420.


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