Homestay delight at Teratak Kasih Ayah Bonda

The wonderful homestay Teratak Kasih Ayah Bonda at Felda Pasoh 4. © Photo Nic

If you like holidaying in the Homestay family environment, and who doesn’t, then put the Teratak Kasih Ayah Bonda on your list.

Located at Felda Pasoh 4 near Simpang Pertang this beautiful home with dazzling interior and exterior colour schemes, furniture ,bedrooms and living spaces is a great experience in itself, but essentially it is the kind hospitality of living with this family that can’t be beaten.

A newly made paddle/soak pool keeps the kids (and adults!) happily splashing about whilst you can relax under the homes cool outdoor ceilings.

Small pool for children to play in whilst adults rest and watch the children. © photograph Nic

The garden at Teratak is pretty amazing with stunning orchids, vines, fruit, vegetables and flowers spread across the back yard amongst the seats, boots, bikes and bottles.

If you want to see more of the kampung you can take a train, well sort of, a motorbike train around the area and you will see some amazing houses and gardens.

Take a ride on the very safe motorcycle train around the Kampung or relax with a book, or phone with Free WIFI at Teratak.
©Photo Nic

The more adventurous can take a trip through the Oil Palm plantation with ATOA Adventures to explore the multitude of caves in the area that were inhabited by humans thousands of years ago.

Explore caves in the area that evidence shows were once habituated by early humans.
© Photo Nic

Contact Azliny on Facebook page ‘ATOA Pasoh Caves’ for more information and other options of exploring the area plus other activities on offer.


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