Russia’s ransomware gangs create cybercrime “cartel”


RUSSIA : A handful of the largest Russian ransomware cybercriminal gangs have come together to share hacking techniques, purloined data-breach information, malware code and technology infrastructure.

The chief security strategist at Analyst1 has shared that the most active collaborators are between four clubs known as Wizard Spider, Twisted Spider, Viking Spider and LockBit. They have jointly controlled access to illicit data leak sites and custom ransomware code. They are further associated with the larger criminal ransomware ecosystem, exert influence over smaller gangs and license their tools to affiliates.

The new cluster of gangs is potentially more powerful because of its links to other threat actors in the cybercriminal ecosystem. Research showed that the new group with three additional gangs, including EvilCorp, a veteran hacking group led by Maksim Yakubets, targeted remote workers during the pandemic.

Some ransomware gangs are so sophisticated they have a mediation process to address disputes, and hackers are familiar with the process. A more structured group would be more dangerous as with coordination and organisation, the ransomware strains can be more dangerous than any individual cyberweapon. – CBS Interactive Inc.

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