The Dusun is one of the most relaxing and stunning places to stay in Negeri Sembilan, With views over the misty Titiwangsa mountain ranges from your bungalow or private pool, this place does not disappoint.




Ah Kau is 65 years old and politely offers his hand to help me up a steeper section of the jungle track we are walking along. He's probably only 5 foot tall and if a strong wind blows it looks like it would knock him over-I'm thinking I may just launch him over my shoulder and over the head of my wife behind me, but appearances can be deceiving.

He easily hauls me up wearing an ear to ear smile across his tanned face-the father of 12 children and grandfather to forty grandkids has many talents.

Ah Kau is just one of the many surprises in store for visitors to The Dusun, a small nature resort hidden in the hills above Pantai, a small village near Seremban.


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