Unprecedented protests cause dozens of arrests in Cuba

Screenshot © Al Jazzera

Havana, July 14: Following historic anti – government protests in Cuba, more than 100 people including independent journalists and dissidents have been arrested with many remaining in custody on Tuesday (July 13)

Late Monday, Cuba’s free speech protest movement published a list of the 144 people reported missing on Twitter. This was after thousands took to the streets in dozens of cities and towns in a spontaneous outburst of public anger. Around 100 protestors were sighted in the streets of Havana on Monday evening shouting “Down with communism”.

The rallies which mimic the nationalist spirit during the Cuban revolution comes after the country endures its worst economic crisis in 30 years. The recent worsening of the coronavirus pandemic is just a part of the cause with Cuba facing an increased shortage of electricity and food, the delivery of which has reached critical levels of supply.


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