Tokyo Olympic village reports four Covid cases


TOKYO: The Tokyo Olympic Village has been hit by a fourth coronavirus case when a Czech beach volleyball player became the fourth case and third infected athlete in the Village where thousands of competitors are living in a biosecure “bubble”.

Asahi Shimbun newspaper poll has revealed that a majority of 55% of the respondents were against holding the Games this summer with 33% in favour. Tokyo is currently placed under a coronavirus state of emergency after a spike in cases. The road to get the Olympic games running has not been smooth since its postponement last year but the officials are hopeful that the public opinion will change after the sports programmes start running.

The world’s largest automaker, TOYOTA had announced that it will not run any Olympics-related TV ads nor will its executives be present at the opening ceremony as there will be no spectators – less than a thousand Olympic officials and VIPs will be allowed to watch the opening ceremony on Friday. 

The organisers had insisted that the Village was safe despite the diagnosis of the positive test which came from two South African footballers and a video analyst.

Close contacts were placed in isolation after the tracing was done.

There have been 61 positive cases connected with the case so far, a tiny fraction out of the thousands of tests carried out. – FOX SPORTS 

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