Female teenage pilot attempts solo around the world flight


BELGIUM: Nineteen year-old teenage pilot Zara Rutherford will be crossing the Atlantic over Greenland, Canada and South America, up to Alaska then crossing to Russia and Indonesia before returning to Europe.

These routes has been chosen to fulfil the Guinness World Records’ requirements to be an “around-the-world flight”.

The Shark UL, an ultralight sport aircraft that holds a number of speed records were chosen to accomplish the task. Miss Rutherford began training when she was 14 and gained her pilot’s license in 2020. She comes from a family of pilots and her dad is very supportive of her decision and is helping her with the logistics. 

Miss Rutherford who lives in Belgium is a bit nervous and excited to begin her three-month circumnavigation from Brussels on 11 August. The greatest challenge is remote places where there aren’t many people living such as northern Russia or Greenland hence if anything goes wrong she would be caught in an awkward situation. 

Her trip requires her to travel 52 countries and cross the equator twice. The current female record holder is American Shaesta Waiz, who was 30 at the time of her challenge in 2017. The youngest male record-holder was 18. – BBC 

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