Tajuddin sacked following UMNO’s criticism


Kuala Lumpur, July 14: Late yesterday evening, UMNO released a statement announcing that UMNO supreme council member Tajuddin Abdul Rahman has been removed from his position as the party’s elections director. Following this he was swiftly replaced by UMNO and Barisan National Deputy President Mohamad Hasan, effective immediately.

This follows a statement released last week wherein Tajuddin was caught on audio criticizing UMNO. The audio clip, which was verified by the Pasir Salak MP was recorded during the recent UMNO Supreme Council meeting which was held last week. In the clip, Tajuddin criticized UMNO for the many leadership mistakes which have occurred in its strategic cooperation.

“Many of the decisions we made in the past were all wrong. Joining the PN (National Alliance) was wrong. We established the National Consensus (MN), we did not take good care of it, it was a mistake. We want to work with Anwar but it is wrong, ‘so many things’ are wrong,” said Tajuddin during the meeting.

This latest UMNO announcement follows the continuing story of power imbalance and uncertainty that plagues Malaysia.


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