Strawberry fields forever


The Beatles sang about strawberry fields on their popular Magical Mystery Tour album and perhaps it was the inspiration for Rembau man Zulhemi Badarauldzman and his wife Misriah Mohamed Yahaya as strawberries are difficult to grow in tropical Malaysia.

The couple started off buying just 3 strawberry plants and now have more than 330 plants producing succulent strawberries and providing them a much needed source of income during COVID 19.

Zulhemi is a former telecommunications executive and didn’t expect to gain a profit so quickly. 

Misriah said on social media that the local community were excited about the prospect of fresh strawberries and that maybe the recent colder weather contributed in seeing their strawberry crops thrive.

The couple plan to expand their number of plants and jokingly called their garden Kledang Hills strawberry farm for those unable to get to the popular and cooler Cameron Highlands area that sells much fruit that requires colder weather. 


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