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Fig farming takes root in Malaysia

January 4, 2018

UTC is a one-stop-pay-all shopping oasis

October 30, 2017

Was Negeri Sembilan woman Safiah Ujang the oldest person to ever live?

October 26, 2017

Sendayan MoVida set for transformation

October 26, 2017

Food trucks galore at Ampangan

October 4, 2017

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September 9, 2019

 Some of the family members of  Tok Matt Antiques and the cafe  on Jalan Jelebu.

One day Othman Yusuf's wife Siti Fatima put her foot down and said to him, "that's enough!"

You see Othman was often on the road travelling and every-time he returned home, like a...

You would think talking all day about thousand year old stones would be pretty boring but as participants in this weeks Megalith seminar in Seremban found out, this is far from the truth.

With more than 3,500 known stone megaliths found in the Kuala Pilah region alone,...

Did you know that in 1921 a missive was sent to to all the local governments in British Malaysia as to how many vehicles, motor cars, trucks and  motor cycles were in use at that time.

Can you guess how many cars there were in Negeri Sembilan at that time?  If...

A rare event happened a couple years ago in Negeri Sembilan, one that I was very fortunate to attend.

The 15th Undang for the Johol district, Datuk Muhammad Abdullah, was elected after five days of 'Kerjan' ceremony, a ritual that officially introduces him to the people...

 Ok, the weekends come around again and you're not sure what you want to do or where to go?

Well, if you are from KL and staying in Seremban for the weekend or you  are a  local you could consider taking a drive on the road from Seremban towards Kuala Pilah on Fede...

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