Tok Matt Antique is a Seremban treasure

Some of the family members of Tok Matt Antiques and the cafe on Jalan Jelebu.

One day Othman Yusuf's wife Siti Fatima put her foot down and said to him, "that's enough!"

You see Othman was often on the road travelling and every-time he returned home, like a pirate, he would invariably return with a new box of knick-knacks, treasures and collectables - before long there was no floor space in the house to store it so for Siti something had to change.

The family had a block of land on Jalan Jelebu and it was the perfect place to build Tok Matt Antique which they did in November 2018, and the family business hasn't looked back.

Radios and old oil lights with a dash of Old Spice.

It is literally the store with everything, from LP albums to motorcycles, from samurai swords to fine cutlery and tea pots to plates. There are books, magazines, tools, model cars, abacus, old spinning tops, children scooters, teapots, phones, phonographs, transistors, radio's...if they don't have it they'll help you look for it!

Nineteen year old son Syauqi who is studying Administrative Law at UiTM in Seremban3 is usually there every night and points out that they are expanding to accommodate the interest shown by customers.

Owner Othman Yusuf and one of the classic motorcycles.

Behind the shop will accommodate the larger items like motorcycles and perfectly restored 1960's bicycles so they can free-up the shop a bit.

"Our Uncle Amran, my mum's brother, has the cafe next door," he said, confirming the families' love affair with antiques which are spread across the eclectic cafe.

Knick knacks everywhere

"We also have another shop which has just cabinets and furniture in Kampung Jiboi" he adds.

Tok Matt Antique opens around 9.30pm so it is definitely a late night shopping experience, with the cafe opening a little earlier for dinner and late night eating. It is a pleasant rest stop to consider if you really want to buy that collectible sexy red Vespa!

Fast Cars

Tok Matt is a must see destination for collectors of all items but even if you don't buy The Best of Val Doonican LP album or Leo Sayer's Greatest Hits, it is a wonderful experience that leaves you feeling good seeing what used to be the latest technology when you were growing up rapidly called antique - I feel old!


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