Alternative Learning options are here in Seremban.

It didn’t take long for Val Ernest to decide on how to educate her second daughter.

After all, Val taught her first child who was already showing the benefits of learning in an individualised teaching environment.

“My eldest daughter is now so much more relaxed when it comes to learning and has become a lot more organised and self-reliant, due to assessing her intelligence and applying the best method of learning for her,” she said.

It is generally believed that there are seven types of intelligence, being linguistic, logical, kinaesthetic, spatial, musical, naturalist, interpersonal and intrapersonal and it can be very hard to identify each individuals preference or strong-point in busy scholastic environments that ordinarily cater to one type of intelligence learning.

Children can learn many methods of intelligence from planning, making and touching with simple play dough activities.

So when their second daughter, after only two months of self-education, developed an enthusiastic reading habit increasing her vocabulary capacity, they knew they were giving her the best chances for a good education - previously, she literally hated books and writing!

The educational centre that Val offers, Alternative Learning and Training Centre, is a safe environment with a no-tolerance to bullying and teasing which some children battle with in other, somewhat larger environments.

Teaching methods include using spatial awareness activities.

Val prefers the more direct role on her children’s learning that this style of education offers and gains satisfaction that her children are learning and developing a variety of skills, and maturing in a way that aligns with her core Catholic goals and values.

“We also use some American Christian books but mainly use its Cambridge primary syllabus.

Val believes that the environment offers less distraction, helps children become more self motivated and gives personal learning, matching the students ability to their unique learning style.

On the day I arrived some young students were asked to make a visual plan of their bedroom from memory and draw where the door is located, where the bed is plus any windows and furniture.

They were then tasked, using play-dough, to make the objects they had identified in the room to scale and place them in the appropriate places-it was all good fun, and offering a variety of learning techniques at the same time.

Children learn to fend for themselves learning valuable life skills such as making breakfast and lunch.

The centre not only offers the students academic learning but also teaches them life and living skills like dressing, making breakfast and self-care. It can also cater for some slow learners and some special needs children (mild issues) as Val has some experience teaching special needs children.

If you wish for your child to learn to his or her capacity and beyond, then call Val on 018 791 8400, as places in her educational environment are limited, with only six students per teacher.


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