Charmain's Venture is clean and green

Seremban’s Stefhanie Chan is well aware of the saying “from little things , big things grow,” after all a few years ago the mother of two left her job in the fashion industry to start her own business making homemade jams, sauces and flavoured salts.

“It was a very small start for me,’ she said, “a friend told me why don’t I sell food since it is a commodity you always need wherever you go,” referring to her Iranian friend who had given her a family mint drink recipe that was popular for people with digestive problems at the time.

So Stefhanie learned how to make the mint syrup and sold it to cafés and restaurants before expanding after recalling an old Chinese saying that meant, “If you have one hundred clients, you need one hundred products.”

And so Stefhanie expanded the business and began making an extensive range of jams, sauces, salts and pickles under the name 'Homemade4all' and currently sells her products at the Mont Kiara Markets in KL.

“I started from zero and I had good feelings about the Mont Kiara market,” she said.

Stefhanie says that all Homemade4all’s products are made with natural ingredients and are completely preservative-free and do not include any artificial colouring or flavours.

Stefhanie has also just begun a new business which is still very much in the infancy stages but a business she is passionate about and believes will grow as time goes on….it is called Charmain’s Venture and it is a business that is providing products with the intention of creating zero waste.

Stefhanie has created a small space at her home that is dedicated to provide those in Seremban who wish to reduce their impact on the environment and be more responsible in lowering their usage of plastic throwaway items.

There is a variety of bulk flours, salts, sugars, oils, honey, syrups, beans, dried herbs and powders on the shelves for sale as well as her homemade products.

On another shelf there are steel straws, brown paper bags, macrame woven bags, wooden toothbrushes, ladies sanitary pads and chemical free cleaners.

Stefhanie will keep adding products to her store and this week she introduced a foldable fork and spoon to her product line.

Contact her through her FB page Charmain's Venture for more details.


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