School children explore caves at Pasoh

It was an adventure that some of the children may remember forever, perhaps indelibly etched in their minds-maybe the experience will inspire a new scientist, which is just what the organisers and teachers had in mind when arranging the trip.

I mean after all, who will forget a ride into the jungle on the back of a lorry, learning how to make a fire from materials in the wild, climb and explore, in semi-darkness, two caves and then use a blowpipe to 'hunt' wild game.

This was the scenario for about 80 young children from Felda Pasoh 4 school who spent the afternoon in the jungle with no exercise books or mobile phones, just good old 'hands on' education in the field with learning games and activities galore.

The children weren't fazed by climbing steep inclines or crawling into tunnel-like small crevasses that opened up to reveal ecosystems full of life, that before they entered, they had no idea about.

Luckily for the children, senior geologist from the Mineral and Geoscience department of Negeri Sembilan and Melaka, Mohd Nizam bin Mhd Noordin and his offsider Hamram bin Darus, were on hand to answer all the childrens questions about these newly discovered limestone caves.

Now they know that the limestone walls in these caves were originally coral reefs 300 million years ago and just 14,000 years ago humans slept inside after cooking and eating wild animals they had trapped.

I'm sure at the next science lesson at school the teachers will be bombarded with questions.

The day finished with an evening activity for the boys and girls at their school and a campout in tents on the field under the watchful eye of headmaster Jaffry Pos bin Abu Kassim, who extolled the benefits of this style of learning.

"The children all had a great time and thanks to Azliny from Outdoor Adventures {ATOA PASOH CAVES} for arranging for the children."

You can contact Azliny to take part in various tours and activities she conducts in the area through her FB page ATOA PASOH CAVES with catering and everything attended to or Whatsapp 011 1884 5936 or call on 01121130788


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