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Life will always take you to different places - these can be of both a physical nature and a spiritual one – and all this happens over time.

Naveena Hariprasad was just three years old when her mum, Mrs Pavani Muru, opened her first kindergarten, Tadika Tinkerbell, in 1984, and was not thinking such worldly thoughts, but little did she know back then what role she might play in helping achieve her mothers dream.

Pavani Muru

Pavani Muru was just 32 years old and had been working in Kuala Lumpur as a kindy teacher, after completing her Montessori education in India, when she decided she wanted to branch out on her own.

“My mum dreamt of creating an institution, a brand that would become a beacon in early child care and education. She wanted to reach out to parents from all walks of life, parents who wished their children to start learning in a systematic and efficient way, said Naveena, “Me and my two sisters all attended her first kindy, Tadika Tinkerbell.”

At one stage Mrs Muru managed over 5 kindergartens and was one of the pioneers in Seremban, starting the Smart Reader program in the late 1990's and soon opened a Smart Reader Kids Franchise in 2001, helping children learn in a systematic, fun way.

Children having lunch

Mrs Muru was not only passionate about making education a fun environment for her young students but also encouraged her teachers to perform.

“She used to always say, grow with us,” said one teacher of many years at the kindergarten, Karen Gomez.

“She standardized and perfected a testing process and applied a range of strategies to improve the teacher's performance,” she said.

Fellow teacher Teacher Shalini Tennakoon also said Mrs Muru told her, after a chance meeting, that teaching children would give her an enlightening experience.

“True to her words, I experienced all that she said, she was strict and maintained high standards when it came to school work and her enthusiasm, dedication and passion towards her schools were limitless,” said Shalini.

Mrs Muru was one of the first kindys to use Smart Reader

Things were going well with the kindergartens until Mrs Muru had a cancer relapse in April 2011.Naveena rushed back immediatelyfrom her job in London, working for the Firmdale Group, to come to her mothers aid.

She returned to Malaysia soon after a second relapse with her husband Hari to care for her mother during her last days until she passed away on the 4thMay 2012.

Naveena Hariprasad has followed her mums wish.

“She really wanted me to take over the schools one day and always told me that the joy and satisfaction one gets from teaching and guiding the achievers of tomorrow in their early steps of life is priceless,” said Naveena.

“Mum remembered most of her students, or as she called them, ‘her kids’, and used to take pride in their achievements, even long after their kindergarten attendance.

“Over the years, several of her ex-students would call her or drop by our house to show her their achievements and she cherished those moments.”

Former student Ms.Neesha also went to Tadika Tinkerbell and currently works as a Project Manager for British Petroleum.

“ I don’t know what other people think about their kindergarten lives, but for me, it was so special and unforgettable. It has been twenty-eight years since I left Tadika Tinkerbell but it was also the place that I began to accumulate fond childhood memories, the ones that will be etched in me forever. It was fun and although we didn't have many toys to play with then, but with our own imagination, everything soon became our toys. The chairs we arranged into a train, the scrap paper was folded into ships and airplanes. I had lots of fun playing with other children and learning new things.”

“Now, whenever I look at my children, I think about my time at Tinkerbell. It was so much fun from the start and because of that I learned how to cherish the rest of my school life.”

Kindy children

“My son, Aiden Aaryan now attends Tadika Tinkerbell as well and enjoys his days at school throughly. I have watched him grow from a child who was all over the place to a reasonably disciplined little boy after starting kindergarten at Tadika Tinkerbell. His teacher, Shalini, is to be accredited for this,” she said.

Parent Ms Kangga had this to say about her 6yo daughter, Miss Kanagha, who has attended Tadika Tinkerbell for four years.

“ As a parent, I entrust my greatest blessing to the teachers and staff at Tadika Tinkerbell and we are grateful for the loving care and guidance my daughter receives. My daughter has learnt so much and continues to share with me the great activities that go on each day at school.

I feel that Tadika Tinkerbell has given her the opportunity to experience that learning is fun at an early age. This is important as a baseline for their success as they continue their academic career. I have seen much development in my daughter after going to Tadika Tinkerbell. She is independent and has developed positive work habits.”

Mrs Muru's daughter Ms. Ashveena attended Kindy and is in this newspaper photograph.

Naveena says circumstances have persuaded her to take over the operations and she is determined to carry on her mum’s legacy and deliver the best that her mum has asked of her.

“I believe mum is watching over the schools, her heart and soul still remains in the schools as she was very dedicated to the teaching profession. I always feel her presence when I step in to the school and feel that I am following her foot steps to be a successful entrepreneur, just the way she was,” said Naveena.

Judging by the smiles, laughter and curiosity of the youngsters at a recent sports day the good vibes Mrs Muru initiated in her classes all those years ago are still being taught at Tadika Tinkerbell and Tadika Bistari Daisi.

Both Kindergartens follow the education programme set by the Malaysian Education Co curriculum guidelines also providing Art and Craft,Music, Tamil & Chinese Language Classesas well as Agama classes.

Children play games at the annual sports day

The kindergartens conduct annual sport days,organize field trips, have kinder cooking classes and celebrate with an annual concert /graduation ceremony.

The kindys are open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 1.00pm and are currently open for new student registration.

Give your child a great “family” education by contacting Naveena or one of her staff on the numbers below.

Tadika Tinkerbell – opened in 1984 Tadika Bistari Daisi - opened in 1998

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Tel: 06 6328310 / 0173038189 Tel: 06 6013722 / 0173038189

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