Football fans giving back

A few years back Das and his good mate Edward were lounging about on the couch one night watching the Brazil Olympic games football competition, bemoaning why Malaysia was not represented in the Under-23 competition.

“We should be there,” they implored at the time, but unlike most people who would do nothing about it, they began to craft a plan to help Malaysia, at the local level, achieve this lofty goal.

Das on far left, and Edward, 2nd from right with volunteers and boys.

Das and Edward decided to create football programs for Tamil schools in Negeri Sembilan as they lacked organisation, so 1MC Football Development Program for Primary and Secondary schools was formed soon after.

Das has accumulated many credentials as a coach over the years, having begun his training in 1982 when he first went to a football coaching college and has upgraded his knowledge and skills every two years with refreshment courses.

He attained his B Licence in 1997, which enabled him to coach his work department team, qualifying for three FAM cups and he also coached school teams at the time.

“Qualifying in the FAM was some achievement,’ he rightfully points out, ‘as it wasn’t easy for coaches to get respect from the old players back then. They were hard-core, had very difficult jobs working long hours, so you had to be hard and prove to them you had a full knowledge.”

But what really brought a cheery smile to his face in those years was when he was coaching a schoolboy team.

“The beautiful thing,’ he says, ‘was that my goal keeper was handicapped, one leg was quite a bit shorter than the other, but he never gave up, and it was his attitude that gave me the passion to coach and believe that anybody who wants to play football, can play football. We won the title that year."

Add to that ten years of coaching ladies teams in the 1980’s and 90’s and you have the perfect blend of passion and experience to co-ordinate the coaching of the Negeri’s Tamil schools.

Das on left and his son Adrian at his popular food truck in Seremban2.

During the week you will mostly find Das helping his son at night with his growing food-truck business but on the weekends it is all football.

Partner in 1MC Football development Edward says that the idea is to help Tamil school players at Primary level to prepare them for secondary school football which is tough and unforgiving.

Some of the boys training at Lobak.

“The training clinics are supposed to be every Saturday minus school holidays and other holidays so all together 37 sessions for one year. We hope this is going to continue every year, “ he said

So Das trains the young Tamil boys every Saturday from 8.30am to 12.30 and on Sundays coaches children in the Negeri Sembilan Association and says he and Edward want to also provide two-day training courses for Tamil school teachers to learn how to coach.

Warmups before training.

As Edward says “We would of course love to see sponsors help out as Tamil schools lack funds so if we can provide jerseys, footballs and equipment, that would be welcome.”

If you can help two blokes who are trying to ensure Malaysia boleh give them a call - two good blokes doing a good thing.

If you can assist contact 1MC Football Development Program via Chairman S. Edward Gana on 012 6822 254 and Technical advisor J. Arokierdas on 012 536 2278.


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