Happy New Year everyone

Gong Xi Fa Cai Malaysia.

One of the best things I love about Malaysia is the variety of festivals and holidays that are celebrated by one and all.

There is, in no particular order quite a few to remember. Eid il Fitri, Eid Adha (Muslims), to Thaipussam and Deepavali (Hindu), Wesak day (Buddhist), Christmas(Christian), Chinese New Year(Chinese) and Hari Gawai (Sabahans).

That's probably not all of them and I apologise for any missing.

Malaysia is truly an example of a country where people of all cultures and religions can live together in harmony. Boleh!

Sure, at times there are murmurings and slights given about one race or religion to another, but usually those comments follow on after public mutterings by nefarious politicians who are unfortunately agenda driven: In the main most people get on with each other and take the person for who they are.

I really thought that in this day and age we would have moved on from describing people, that is humans, that is all of us, by race or religion. As though the the tag meant something universal about the individual or group.

Do we really pigeon hole people by the colour of their skin, the shape of eyes, the clothes they wear or the religion they do or do not follow.

Are all Americans like their president ? I think not.

Are all Chinese this; are all Muslims like that; do all Indians do that? I think not: Fear and ignorance seem to be the common ignition for people making disparaging remarks and categorising them.

So Malaysia, in my eyes, continue to celebrate together with each other as fellow inhabitants of this tiny bluish green planet and make this wonderful relationship stronger with your joint celebrations so our future generations can all live with one another in harmony.

No judgements, just learn more from your friends about these wonderful celebrations of their culture.

Not too much to ask is it?


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