Bullseye for International Archery competition at Seri Menanti

If you were in Seri Menanti last weekend, specifically around Ladang Alam Warisan, you might have thought the whole world had arrived and decided to have a "mufti-dress" up day for the traditional archery competition being held there.

It was a party of some sorts as more than 500 archers came to contest the first International archery competition to be held there and entrants were required, well encouraged maybe, to wear their national costume.

There were colourful blouses, robes, gowns, dresses, pantalooms, saris and sarongs along with some wonderful headwear, caps and crowns - some competitors wore chainmail vests and handmade leather boots, the latter helping navigate the wet conditions.

More than 20% of the competitors came from countries close to Malaysia like China, Austria, Turkey, Mongolia, Taiwan and Indonesia, taking part in a variety of events including a prize for best costumes.

First up on Saturday was a static target event followed by a competition the next day whereby competitors stalk through

jungle tracks to locate and then loose arrows at animal shaped targets, with the winners judged by accuracy and time.

It's not the first time Ladang Alam Warisan has held events like this which are based on traditions and Malay culture, but this was by far the biggest attendance and owner Akmal Dahalan, who is promoting and spreading the awareness and importance of Malay culture along with archery and traditional horseback archery, was encouraged and delighted with feedback about the inaugural event.

On Saturday evening guests and competitors were treated to traditional song dance and music as well as the traditional martial art of silat.

For the winners medals, bows and arrows were given and speeches from overseas competitors complimenting the event gives hope to another event like this.

Well done to Akmal and his family and team, for preparing, hosting and promoting and retaining this vital part of Malaysian culture.


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