A couple of good men

A few months back The RND Café in Senawang was burgled and robbed of most of its kitchenware, a TV and many other important items a café needs for survival.

A lot of owners would give up after such a setback and use this as an excuse to pull out of the business but head honcho Nizam Shahabudin is no ordinary bloke and immediately planned a revival.

Part of that plan was to rename RND café to Nismilan House, revamp the venue, alter the menu and hire new chef, Mustaqin.

Mustaqin hails from Kelantan and had previously worked at the Full House in Kuala Lumpur as well as other high profile KL restaurants.

He was looking to make a sea change with his teacher wife and five children after a torrid couple of years for his family.

Mustaqin is a triplet and in 2016 his two sisters died in a tragic car accident along with five others, on their way to celebrate Hari Raya in Kelantan at their parents home.

“Normally I would be with them because we would holiday together, we Hari Raya together….7 people died, only one baby survived, one of my sisters babies “

At the time, Mustaqin was in Singapore doing some chef training and when his mobile phone rang early in the morning around 1am, showing his mum’s name on the display, he told his wife not to pick it up. He had not been able to sleep that night, was feeling very cold and suspected something was wrong.

Five minutes later on and his phone rang again. So he picked it up.

“My mum told me the girls had been in an accident but not that they had died, but I knew they had died,” he said.

The shocking incident caused his father to have a stroke so Mustaqin left his job in KL to take care of him in Kelantan, while his mum worked full-time to bring in some money.


After his father recuperated last year Mustaqin and his family were able to move to Seremban to start afresh after his wife had secured a permanent teaching position there.

You would think things couldn’t get much worse for the family but two of his youngest children immediately came down with dengue fever and the others were showing signs of the disease too, a big scare for the couple who had already lost so many loved ones.

“It was hard to manage with two children in hospital with dengue and the others were not well too, but inshaallah we are now good,’ he said.

You could say Mustaqin and Nizam come from the same mould with the suggestion of “giving up” not in their mindset.

So Nismilan House is Nizam’s new offering to the culinary world and serves up tasty Korean, Malaysian and European dishes for diners.

They also offer a Home Delivery service for the Senawang, Ampangan and Paroi districts and the roasted chickens are very popular.

Check out some of the menu below.


Nismilan House No 219, Jalan LH2 Lavender Heights (Sebaris Hospital Salam)


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