International archers compete in N9 tradition

Put aside a day in late January this month between the 26-28th to witness one of the best tournaments you'll ever see in Negeri Sembilan, an International Traditional Archery festival at Ladang Alam Warisan in Seri Menanti.

It's a fantastic few days of competition for those involved but it also is a visitors delight, photographers especially, as all the entrants are dressed in their traditional costumes, using traditional style bows, arrows and quivers - living in the past, like you've been transported to a bygone era.

The groups of international and Malay archers will contest various long and short range tests in the field and forest over the three days vying for some very good prize money.

At this stage 15 countries have confirmed their participation in this wonderful, colourful event, including Mongolia, Hungary, China, Romania, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Korea and Taiwan.

The closing ceremony will celebrate the birthday of Yam Tuan N9 so try and get down for a look, it's a real fun time. Entry is free for spectators.

For more information and how to get there check out Ladang Alam Warisan FB page at


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