Lots of fun flying at the fair

Hey folks, the fair is back in town so make the most of it before it moves on.

For Seremban locals it's that time of year again.

That time when you look up to the stars in the evening and you see searchlights lasering their way across the Seremban skyline.

But why, is there a war on, are there bombers coming, what does it all mean?

Locals will tell you the source of these high beam lights are coming from the UK Fun Park and no, that's not UK London, it's at UK Taman AST near Terminal 1, where every night you will find a large field with a dozen or more bedazzling, brightly lit, mechanical rides, ferris wheels and the like.

For me it means a dozen or so satay's for dinner at the RNK station shop nearby and after that a wander through the fairy light wonderland to watch the kids and adults spin and glide and roll and rock-whatever their fancy, perhaps play one of the carnival games.

It's a lot of fun just to watch the changing colours and not much money with dockets costing RM 1 each, so take the kids down there and have a ride, it'll also rejuvenate that child within you.


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