Lions arrange movie for charity homes

Kindness comes in many forms and for seven lucky charity homes who care for orphans and the elderly in Negeri Sembilan; it arrived as free tickets to watch Jack Lim’s latest film, Papa Come Home.

Lions Club, Seremban Central, was asked by Jack Lim’s film company to facilitate the invitation to some needy people in the area, which would hopefully provide some special early Christmas cheer to their lives.

The movie explored some heavy themes, parenting, familial love and the effect drugs has on families.

Papa Come Home was an appropriate film for many of the viewers who no doubt related to the central themes of family and abandonment.

Papa Come Home follows the sad life of Tong Bo (Jack Lim), an addict who prefers to stay away from his home, where his wife and child, Tong Zai (Jayden Sow) live.

“The movie brings a good message to both children and fathers, emphasising the hero worship young children place on their fathers,” said lead actor and executive producer Jack Lim at GSC at Palm Mall in Seremban on Thursday night.

Before Tong Bo’s wife passed away she decided to put Tong Zai under the custody of her husband, in the hope that their son would warm his heart and use “love” to help his father “come home.”

The cast and crew visited more than 50 rehabilitation centres and schools to see the effects of drugs and spread the anti-drug message and saw first hand some of the damage drugs have on families.

Jack told a story about one of the rehab patients, a 13 year-old girl, who started visiting clubs and drinking alcohol, then began to take pills, then smoked ganja, then took cocaine and four years later at age 17 is still in rehabilitation and addicted.

“We want to alert families that children are easily influenced by parental behaviour, “like father, like son” and so our movie focuses on that parental bond as well as being an anti-drug message.

The movie was much appreciated by the young children, who all sidled up to the stars after the screening to take photographs and talk about the movie.

Most popular for a selfie was youngster Jayden Sow, acting in his first movie. He looked comfortable and natural, hanging out with the older cast members and answering questions from the public with aplomb - a future star for sure.

Take a bow Seremban Lions Central and Papa Come Home management for the kind generosity.

If you can help make Christmas a happier time for those less fortunate contact the Lions Club Of Seremban Central on their Face Book page.

The movie is showing in 74 cinema locations as of the 9th Dec. Go and see it.


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