5 holiday activities in Seremban

Ok, there's only a few days left before the kids are on holidays, so what can you do, where can you go, how much will it cost?

Here are five things to do over the holidays near Seremban.

1. Ulu Bendul Forest Reserve

The Ulu Bendul reserve offers a cheap day out with plenty to do. You can either jump into the large concrete swimming pools, above, which are fed water from the river or relax in the river itself in it's own hand made pools! Sound confusing?

Well, there are some cool pools along the river after visitors have stacked up rocks to dam the flow of the stream to form their own mini-pool.

Choose one or do both.

There are also other activities for the children , swings, slides, climbing rails etc in a sort of jungle park area. It is a cheap way to cool off and only a 15 minute drive from Seremban.

If that's not enough for you there is a snake exhibition area where you can check out both small and large snakes, all of which are housed behind glass and wire cages. There is an option to hold a snake and take a photo.

FREE entry, no cost!

2. Port Dickson Beaches

Pantai Saujana

This is another very good cheap option for families to enjoy a little time under the sun at some really nice beaches. These beaches are very popular and attract many tourists on the weekends.

Port Dickson is home to a variety of sandy beaches. Some just display their natural delights but others have jet-skis, fast banana boats and para-sailing activities to keep you amused.

Pantai Tanjung Tuan

Tanjung Tuan in the south is the more natural type of beach in front of the resorts there as well as one that involves hiking up to the lighthouse, then taking the track down a steep hill to the quiet bay in the photograph you can see above.

This beach is secluded and often empty but there are sharp rocks in the shallows so be careful. It is a great beach for snorkelling at high tide as the coral reefs are only a short swim away.

Blue Lagoon

It is best to arrive at Blue Lagoon, pictured above, which is at the base of Tanjung Tuan, when the tide is high, so check first or else it is a long walk across sinking sands to the sea's edge. This can be fun though, especially with children, as the rocks become exposed and you are able to view some sea life and corals on display.

If you drive further north the beaches are cleaner, sandier and are much more active with beach activities and food stalls, plus the tidal influence is not so strong, beaches like Teluk Kemang, pictured below.

Pantai Teluk Kemang

Another beach with food stalls and rides available is the quieter but beautiful beach at Pantai Saujana, below.

Pantai Saujana

3. Army Museum

This facility is another free option in Port Dickson that the kids will love just as much as adults. There are great displays of Malaysia's army history from centuries old warriors like Hang Tuah to modern day brave heroes.

There are old restored tanks, trains and planes outside that the kids can jump about on as well as a secret tunnel below the museum that has scenes describing the communist conflict era. Truly one of Negeri Sembilan's, and Malaysia's, finest tourism museums.


It is also home to a large proportion of Malay soldiers in training so you may be lucky to see soldiers practise their marching on the large area beside the museum.

4. Wet World Air Panas Pedas

You can cool off here or heat up! The choice is yours.

Wet World Air Panas offers hot thermal pools and large swimming areas for anyone that just wants to get wet.

Locals must pay, but RM12-15 for children and adults alike is not a hefty amount for loads of fun in the water, like sliding down twisting tunnels.

plus the minerals in the water springs promise to bring better health to those in need.

There are hot spring pools and there are very hot spring pools for you to try - some you have to ease your way into very slowly over a long period, to let your body adjust to the temperature.

When you've had enough of that you can cool off in the normal temperature pools or walk about on the stone garden pool giving your feet a healthy massage.

5. NS Dairy Farm - Juasseh Agro Park

NS Dairy Farm was founded in 2004 with its aim is to become a prominent player in the supply of high quality milk products in the region.

Visitors are welcome to both NS dairy farm and it's co-business, Juasseh Agro park, seven days a week.

With it's rolling green paddocks, comparisons have been made with the landscape of New Zealand

although it's actual location is in Kampung Rembang, about 15 km from Kuala Pilah.

You can watch cow's being milked, pat the cows and goats and other livestock as well as taste and purchase the dairy products they have made.

There are also some accommodation rooms, dorms, College Hall, cafe, zoo, and playground with many recreational facilities on offer which are sometimes used for team building activities. Recently they have added archery to the activity roster.

Contact them for more details at +603 - 4106 0575 or link to their web page http://nsdairyfarm.com or FB page at https://www.facebook.com/NS-Dairy-Farm-425561510943091/


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