Muddy rugby Malaysia style

There were thrills and a few spills, even ambulances were called upon at Seremban's KGV 10's, but overall there was good rugger, Malaysian style.

You would think that two days of heavy rain over the weekend would impact on the freestyle rugby Malaysians love to play but no, these are Malaysian schoolboys and their modus operandi is not to kick the ball, passing is the Malay way.

And there was lots of it.

Wingers tearing down the sideline, forwards charging up the middle, all off-loading to waiting teammates backing up and like most schoolboy competitions, creating end to end tries galore.

Malaysian's love their rugger, both ladies and men watching and cheering at their school's fortune with passion and delight.

The KGV 10's tournament in Seremban was one of three tournaments happening over the weekend in Malaysia with a historic first ever ladies tournament taking place in Kelana Jaya and an Old Boys tournament also taking place in KL.


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