Riding along on my pushbike honey.

Bicycles have been around a long, long time, for at least a couple of centuries or more.

Not much has changed from those first devices that generally sported a clunky wooden frame and two wheels with no pedals, that cyclists straddled and ran astride, soon wearing out the sole of their shoes.

Now, bicycles come in all shapes and sizes, with pedals, and all-sorts of gadgets attached for both young riders and old.

They are very popular in Malaysia and it is not uncommon to see many elderly men and women, some of whom are above 80 year-olds, casually pedalling their way around town on the sturdy contraptions heading to the markets.

Luckily for them there are still plenty of bicycle and handyman shops that can fix a broken chain, weld a frame back together, or simply change a tyre for them as they traipse around.

There are of course young kids who hang out on their bikes around the kampung, some of who like to compete in aerial and speed competitions but the bikes I like best, or perhaps more-so the people who ride them, are the bikes that double up as the "work car."

There is a never ending trail of men who pedal around my neighbourhood offering their services as home gardener-handymen, whilst carrying the long grass-cutter, rakes, trowels, spades, petrol cans,and everything else required to clean your yard.

Like modern day knights toting their whipper-snippers like lances they scour the streets for overgrown residences, and toot their horn to let you know they are here, with of course, "best price for you sir."


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