HOPE changes lives

Picture by Kathiresh Balakrishnan

Barack Obama once said, "If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope."

Some good things happened just outside of Seremban last weekend when the international, non-profit, non-religous group HOPE worldwide visited an orang asli (aboriginal) village to donate food, medicine and some toys.

Picture by Kathiresh Balakrishnan

A dozen or so men, women and children of all faiths met at a suburban Seremban supermarket to purchase and pack large basic food packages, containing rice, oil and staples for some 30 orang asli families in need.

On arrival at the village a conga line of helpers appeared from nowhere to help unload the bags of goodies which were carried to a small room which the villagers use for meetings and special occasions.

Picture by Kathiresh Balakrishnan

The people here are generally self sufficient and live with what they can find in the jungle be it beans ( petai ) or fruit and vegetables they harvest from the forest to sell at stalls alongside the road for cash and also kill wildlife like a boar, monkey or deer, to cook and feed themselves. Traditional medicinal herbs and roots are also collected and sold too, helping supplement their income.

After the food parcels were accepted it was time to demonstrate the usage of a medicinal petroleum jelly donated by a company who help sponsor the ideals of HOPE which focus mainly on health, children, education and volunteerism programs, concentrating on empowering the needy families in the community.

Picture by Kathiresh Balakrishnan

Next up came the delivery of lunch from another sponsor, KFC, which was a truckload of finger looking good chicken, salads, potato mash and drinks, a real treat for most of them. I've never seen so much chicken in my life and it mixed in well with the rice, beef and petai sambal provided by the villagers that was prepared for the charitable visitors.

Have you ever seen children getting excited over something so small it makes you want to cry? Simple toys in the hands of kids.

There's nothing better than seeing real joy in the eyes of children who are given something they thought they would never be able to hold or possess, excitedly playing and showing off their new possessions to their mums and dads and friends, laughing like they were been tickled.

Picture by Kathiresh Balakrishnan

Simple acts of kindness bringing so much happiness to others, you can't beat that.

Congratulations to the HOPE team and their commitment to this village that will also be a recipient at the end of the year with more assistance, as HOPE help this village through tough periods four times per year.

If you can help in any way please contact Kok Meng at kokmeng@hopeww.org.my or view their website at www.hopeww.org.my


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