Street art surprises

Normally the back lanes of Malaysian cities towns are not the most pleasant places to visit-smells aside, they pong a bit and do not attract many visitors.

That all changed when Penang decided to commission an artist to do graffiti works on the streets and alleyway walls in and around the diverse island town.

Dozens of beautiful interactive scenes now adorn the Penang city walls which have now become a tourist attraction in their own right with hundreds of daily visitors taking the opportunity to blend in by photographing themselves and their family members "into" the island city landscape.

The popularity has seen the tourism concept adopted all around the towns of Malaysia and Seremban was no exception with Lorong Seni in the middle of town being the first alleyways to display artistic scenes, from a troupe traditional dancers to children playing on a swing.

If you have an hour or so on hand, pop on down to the area and have some fun interacting with the scenic art, it's a great memory to take back with you and a lot of fun posing.


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