Food trucks galore at Ampangan

There are times in your life when you can't see the forest for the trees or perhaps more appropriately in this case, you can't "see the food-trucks because of the trees."

So it was we were driving home on a Friday night, less than a kilometre away from our home, wondering what to have for dinner, and boom! There it was, our "forest for the trees moment."

"What on earth are all these cars parked here for," my wife asked as we drove past the Mara offices, just before Centerpoint along Jalan Dato Muda Linggi in Ampangan.

Then we saw them, it was like an army regiment had camped in the carpark but these trucks did not hold soldiers or guns, they were full of food, food glorious food and there were more than 200 happy patrons, young and old, tucking in.

Mohd Syazwan Shamsul Bahar is the Bangi Food Truck Dealers Association vice-chairman and said that the food truck phenomenon has "arrived" in Seremban.

It all began a few months back when the Bangi Food trucks Association, through FoodTruck SqFT and Mara who collaborated to try out the concept of having multiple food trucks in the one spot in Seremban and they were encouraged by the welcoming response of the public patronising the idea.

"It wasn't long before we needed more tables and seats, " said Syazwan.

"Our initial target was 2000 people over the three nights but we have had to add more seating due to the popularity, especially on the weekend nights," he said.

The range of meals available is extensive with dishes from Sabah, Japan, Korea, Kebabs from Ghana, western style as well as the rice, spaghetti, noodles, burgers and soup options followed by sweet desserts if you are still hungry.

You would be hard to please if you couldn't find something scrumptious here.

What's more, there are buskers on each night to entertain you while you eat, so if you are looking for a tasty selection of foods, head down to Mara on Friday and the weekend evenings and try them out, the prices are good and the choice is yours.


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