Make a date at RND on Friday

It's been a couple of weeks since the RND cafe in Senawang was broken into and looted which forced its closure but anybody who knows the owner Nizam would realise that the phrase, "you can't keep a good man down," pretty much sums up his character.

So this Friday, at 6pm on the 29th September, Nizam will officially open his reborn cafe, albeit one with a slightly different menu on the table.


Well, rumours abound as to what will be served on Friday and Saturday, but a Korean/Western fusion style has been mentioned. Old favourites like Chicken and Lamb chop will be available, as will be the spaghetti pasta dishes and nasi goreng varieties, but why not just turn up and see for yourselves.

Patronising the RND cafe will help this generous guy get his business back on it's feet again, so drop on in and have a teh tarik and some finger food or sit down for longer and makan the night away, every visit helps and by doing so you will be supporting the orphanage that Nizam helps out.


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