5 star street-eating experience

Last month, Seremban's first food truck entrepreneur Adrian Sujiv got a call on his phone from a man in Melaka asking exactly where his food truck" was located, and what days he was open.

"i was a bit surprised when he said he was driving up to here just to try out my food, it's a long way to drive to get something to eat," said Adrian.

"He's a foodie and checks out places on Facebook and told me that it was very unusual on Facebook to maintain a five star rating in Asia, which I have, and that he wanted to test it out as sometimes ratings can be manufactured by false accounts just to draw in one-off customers.

"Generally, he said, Malaysians or Asians don't give top ratings and prefer to hold back and score four as the top mark so he wanted to taste what we served," said Adrian.

Sure enough the mystery diner came and tasted some of Adrian's fare and left smiling, like most of Adrian's clientele, well satisfied and sated.

Adrians food is a fusion of Malay, Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine and his menu variety seems to please pretty much everyone,

Adrian was the first to operate a food truck in Seremban when he left his job in the financial sector to achieve his dream in March last year. see Adrian's story here: https://www.serembanonline.com/single-post/2016/10/14/From-banks-to-booty-burgers

Armed with secret recipe's from his mum and auntie, who also help out on busy nights, Adrian took to the streets of Uptown Seremban2 and hasn't looked back.

Recently the truck was filmed at Port Dickson featuring in a scene of a popular Malaysian television series which aired earlier this year.

"Of course many of my friends come along," says Adrian, "but I don't pay anyone to do false reviews for me, he said, adding " there are some repeat customers who I did not know before who come and eat here five nights a week."

Adrian has plans to get the Quickie Food truck franchised and stationed up north to Kuala Lumpur and down south to Malacca.. He is ready now to expand and intends to be the first food truck owner to be franchised in every state in the country.

So what's on offer from Adrian's Quickie Food Truck?

I was there last week and Nasi Lemak Goreng Bob Marley was newly added to the menu so I tried that and loved it, although the Devil's Curry is still my favourite. The menu also includes spaghetti's with an array of sauces like Rendang, Devil's Curry, buttermilk, sambal, green chilli and sate sauce to choose from, kebabs, or Kebangs as he calls them as well as hot dogs and burgers (see pictures below) are also available. You can choose your meat as well as your meal size from chicken or lamb to small or big portions.

But don't just take my word for it, go and try it soon.

Quickie Food Truck is on Facebook and you can read some of the ratings there about the delights Adrian sells.


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