Did you know?

Did you know that in 1921 a missive was sent to to all the local governments in British Malaysia as to how many vehicles, motor cars, trucks and motor cycles were in use at that time.

Can you guess how many cars there were in Negeri Sembilan at that time? If you said 673 you would be spot on and for your information there were also 221 motorcycles and 80 trucks/lorries on the not so busy roads around the state.

Today there must be hundreds of thousands of cars alone in Seremban as many families own at least two and with a population in the state now over one million, it is an amazing statistic to see how what was once an expensive item used only by the wealthy soon became an everyday purchase for everyone.

At the time the whole of Malaysia, including Singapore, had a little over 10,000 cars which is about twice what the Sultan of Brunei owns now, considered one of the largest collections in the world. https://www.digitaltrends.com/cars/sultan-of-brunei-car-collection-list-of-cars-video-pictures/?fref=gc&dti=377912275618892

The country also had less than 3,000 motorcycles which beggars belief as to how everyone got around-or didn't!

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