Cafe in limbo

I've written a few stories over the past year or two about a friend of mine Nizam Shahabudin.

Most of them are tales about his voluntary role in the Seremban community which includes amongst other things, sponsoring orphans to attend educational programmes as well as helping feed some homeless people on the streets of Seremban.

He is usually quite embarrassed when I highlight his kindness, saying there are many others helping out as well and he is just a small part of the community doing this work so why mention him - that is true but it is also demonstrates his humility.

Unfortunately this story is a little different as Nizam himself is now in need of a helping hand, but shrugs at the suggestion, saying, "I'm going to wait a while, think about it and then decide what to do."

What Nizam must think about now is whether or not he will re-open his cafe, the RND Cafe in Senawang.

Last week the cafe was broken into, the office ransacked and the kitchen robbed of most of its appliances and cooking equipment, including a micro wave, food blender and 5 gas cylinders - also taken was a 30" TV.

"We can replace all of that but worst of all our donation can was full of money which we were going to give to the orphanage this weekend," he laments.

"And I had to tell my three staff not to come."

"I am angry, sad, basically all-in, as I never expected this," pointing to the garage door that was cut open by the thieves and a trashed office.

"I will re-think, re-plan and perhaps re-buy and maybe start again, I am just not sure yet."

Amazingly what will keep going though is Nizam's support of those less fortunate.

Tonight he is cooking up a lamb BBQ at an orphanage that he and his friends sponsor - you just can't keep a good man down.


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