Malaysia's Merdeka day coming up soon

Preparations are underway in Seremban for the celebration of Malaysia's 60th Merdeka day on August 31st.

The army were out measuring and marking the grounds on the town park whilst workers erected the VIP stage and did some repair work on the stone stairways and seated areas which will be packed on Thursday night.

It is always a fun night with lots of entertainment, both modern and traditional, and of course finishes with a bang, well, lots of bangs actually. The fireworks are amazingly loud and Seremban's efforts would wake up Malaysians in Singapore!

There are co-events happening around the special day with Fun Runs, Marathon's, Shopping Sales and promotions galore from hotels offering cheap room rates for those wanting to participate in a smaller event than the very crowded ones in Kuala Lumpur.

Have fun on the night and make sure if you have a dog that it is secured safely as many go missing due to the banging fireworks and bright lights scaring them away.

Head down early if you want to get a parking space and as usual there are lots of food-stalls and gift stalls for the kids


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