Clasped hands record attempt at Angsi

If you want to make history this weekend head down to Hutan Lipur at Ulu Bendul where participants will gather in the hope of forming the longest wrist clamp chain in the world.

The hope is that enough people will come to make a complete line with hands held and reach the top of Gunung Angsi.

It will be a tall order to achieve as the record for the longest chain of people clasping wrists consists of 2,950 participants by Telenor Pakistan employees and Beaconhouse School System students in Islamabad, Pakistan, on 29 September 2016.

At present 546 people have registered interest on the FB page but more bodies will be needed to try and overtake the record.

The event will begin at 6am on the 19th August so get down early and bring lots of friends.


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