Matrix celebrates first International Day

It's been a big week for Matrix Global school, nestled in the fast growing Sendayan hub a few kilometres south-west of Seremban.

Matrix, comprising a Private School, an International School and an International Pre-school, share one campus, one vision and one mission and set high targets for themselves when they opened in September, 2014.

You would have to say that after almost three years of operation they are fast attaining, if not surpassing their philosophical goal, which is "to nurture creativity, ambition, determination, think critically and take a structured approach to understanding and solving problems, so that students graduate to become outstanding leaders of tomorrow imbued with the the ability to communicate confidently and effectively, and equipped with life skills which are "Second to None".

Last week saw the school celebrate another milestone, of which there will be many more, their first International day.

Students from all levels were tasked with representing a chosen country to highlight their culture, food and dance to give a snapshot of the World and what a great day it was, bristling with positive energy.

Cute pre-schoolers perhaps stole the show as they gracefully danced across the stage like flowing Thai butterflies, somehow remembering all their moves and lines,before older students dazzled the spectators with some tight, fast, ballroom magic.

Oh, and who could forget the cool kids in Sunnies I think from Korea, the cowboys from Canada or the Yemen men and women jumping?

Off stage was just as much fun. Students had set up booths in the hallways showcasing their chosen countries most well-known dishes, landmarks or contributions to our world.

For England the choice of fare was 'Cor Blimey' fish and chips, Korea served up some wonderful healthy tea and Scotland had a mini-putt golf area, no sign of Haggis here luckily!

Sabah gave us a wandering spear-holding native, traditionally dressed as Orang Asli and believe it or not I saw a leprechaun! Thank you Ireland.

A lot of the food and activities at the booths were for sale, costing RM2 or less, as students learnt some marketing and sales techniques on how to promote their country.

All the children looked like they were having a ball, learning whilst having fun.

On Thursday the school had its graduation day and was invited to attend the Year 6 event by the parents to watch one of its trainee photojournalist students, Jarred Timothy, perform poetry and song with his classmates before graduating.

Jarred was chosen to receive the Science award for the Year 6 class and you could have lit up the streetlights of Seremban town CBD for a week with the energy from his big smile as he strode onto the stage.

Congratulations to all the staff at Matrix and all the the students for a great couple of days at a really great school.

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