Chef makes mark on Jln Jelebu

One of the best things I like about Malaysia are its many roadside food stalls that just seemingly pop-up out of nowhere!

A few months back, a nearby plot of land, entangled with weeds, dead tree trunks and the like, was transformed from being an over-grown eyesore into Ampangan's latest outdoor restaurant.

The makeover was done before you could say nasi goreng as the land was cleared, gravel put down for a floor, some wooden pallets installed vertically as walls for an outdoor kitchen, and with tables and chairs set out underneath a dozen or so hanging lightbulbs, a new restaurant was open and ready to serve.

The Negeri Sembilan menteri besar recently made the process of managing these stalls easier and less rigid offering low cost fees and registrations, in order to attract entrepreneurs like Abdullah bin Mansor and his wife Norhazibah binti Abd Hamid, pictured at top, who are the creators of this corner dinner spot at Jalan Jelebu.

The experienced Abdullah, who has worked as a COMIS II at Klana Resort, team leader at Windmill, and spent time making pizzas at another restaurant much prefers the less stressful "open in the evening" lifestyle, than juggling shift work in a big corporation.

With his more than "50 plus" customers every night Abdullah loves to showcase his cooking skills, helping his family, secure a steady income at their own pace of life.

His Kelantan born wife Norhasibah has lived in Seremban for ten years now and also favours working the evening hours, allowing them both time to be with their three year old son during the day.

"In the evening when we go to work I take him to a friends house and he loves playing there rather than here because it does get busy" said Norhazibah.

Abdullah's menu has all the traditional Malay dishes on offer, rice, noodles and soup, with his specialty being Quay Teow ketam, crab noodle, to which he applies his own special touch and skills.

Embracing that positive entrepreneur spirit Abdullah said he "wants to maybe extend," in size and in food choices, as his clientele expands.

Open most nights, Abdullah and Norhazibah can be found on the Jalan Jelebu intersection near Ampangan.


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