Soo hot-lah!

Photograph by Nic Falconer

A quick check of Malaysia's online weather predictions confirm the obvious, tomorrow will be just as hot as today. In fact, yesterday was pretty much the same as today too, 24º to 34º celsius, as it is almost every day in Malaysia.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department Scientific published a report in January 2009 about climate change scenarios for Malaysia 2001 - 2099 and guess what - It isn't getting cooler.

The end of this century will see that average minimum temperature jump to approximately 27.5º and the maximum to a scorching 37.6º celsius - almost 4 degrees warmer. Ouch!

Those lucky enough to live in the Seremban and Port Dickson area will at least have an option to cool off in the ocean as tis man pictured above did.

Negeri Sembilan has some great beaches to take a dip in, so next time you are visiting, don't miss heading to the Coast and getting wet on one of the great beaches.


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