Breaking fast Klana style

When you are invited to Klana Resort, Seremban to test taste their buffet food offerings for breaking fast during Ramadhan, you expect something special, something unique.

And of course Klana rises to the occasion in 2017, as they do every year.

This year the theme chosen for the very large dining space and makan stalls is nostalgia and who doesn't love that!

My experience one evening recently, was watching children frolic around in and out of a kampung style home complete with chicken pen and dodol spatula and large wok.

Pretending to cook the dodol the children ran from table to wok pretending to serve the imaginary dodol to their parents.

Fun, fun, fun.

Backing all this up was an entertaining four piece band playing traditional and classic Hari Raya songs while guests enjoyed breaking fast.

And rather than list what was on the menu it is probably easier to say that everything you desire to eat during Ramadhan was on the menu, and some!

As a foreigner there were some surprise traditional and local delicacies that I had not tasted before, like rendang hati which I loved. I may be a sucker but anything cooked with rendang is heaven to me.

There were enough dessert choices to feed a battalion and myriad drink choices so head down there as soon as you can, you won't be disappointed.


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