New life for bub and dad

The term "new born" usually refers to the arrival of a baby but it could just as well be applied to the dad.

Speaking from experience, twice, there is nothing like that moment when a dad realises that he is holding in his hands a gift so precious it is almost indescribable.

This young man at Taman Tasik was experiencing such a feeling, snuggling up and kissing his young child like there was no tomorrow, his daughter's eyes focused on his, a moment treasured.

Dad cradled bub while mum tried her hand at fishing, her small break from being fully hands on, as mums always seem to be.

Unfortunately the language barrier prevented us from talking but you could see the joy and hear the giggles as both bonded and felt the moment.

New life(s) - new beginnings. Bless them both and Happy Fathers Day on Sunday.


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