Lemang coming soon to a road-stall near you

Negeri Sembilan is home to many different nationalities and diverse communities, it's one of the great things about this state and it is something that has occurred for centuries with people from different cultures, both near and afar, settling in the area.

It's not uncommon to see Indonesians, Pakistani's, Yemeni's, Bangladeshi's, Nepalese,Cambodians, Australian's, English and people from many other cultures on a daily basis in Seremban, going about their business.

A large majority are here on work visas as Malaysia can offer a better life for them than what is available back "home."

Ina is from the Philippines and has lived here for nine years now and doesn't see herself returning to her place of birth in Luzon.

"I'm happy here," she says holding 5 months old Mohammed, one of four children she has with her Malay husband, the eldest being seven years old.

Ina and her two brothers Chris and Jerick work long hours every day at their roadside store opposite Seremban Landscape and Nursery on the Kuala Pilah road, selling banana's, pumpkins and other assorted vegetables, depending on the season.

They will soon get busier.

"Next week we will start making lemang for the Hari Raya festival," she says, pointing out the spot where the much desired and popular rice in coconut milk, cooked in a bamboo tube lined with a banana leaf, will be BBQ'ed.

"We will also have cempedak for sale," she says, referring to the fruit that is similar to the related jackfruit and breadfruit with a hint of durian.

Just can't wait for Hari raya and in the meantime bananas will have to do!


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