Pastime makes learning a new hobby fun!

I must say that learning to make soap was not a highly placed "to-do" on my bucket list, but that all changed pretty quickly.

After talking with mother and daughter team, Christina Siow and Vivian Mei Wen, at a recent dinner they insisted I was wrong and that I needed to tick it off.

The next day confirmation of my errant thinking popped up whilst visiting The Book Garden by Sinaran at Gateway Seremban in the form of a sign offering, would you believe, Soap Making classes - Hmm, was the Universe talking to me or was I just getting into a lather over this not so secret craft?

A quick sign up to register via Whatsapp on the Facebook page "Pastime" was all that was required and before I knew it I was stocked up with some pure transparent and white soap blocks, essential oils and a vivid selection of colours - I was going to make soap.

Our teacher Trisha, frocked up in an apron, assisted by her knowledgable young daughter who was on school holidays, explained to the crowd of 12 or 13 females and myself how the not so secret process went.

Trisha, a former motel manager, began making her own soap out of necessity to cut out the poisonous additives from commercial brands which were damaging and drying out her sensitive skin.

It was so much fun, fun, fun, over the next couple of hours as we all experimented with a mixture of colours, scents and a massive variety of moulded shapes to create our masterpieces, from the classic ordinary oval shapes to sculptured roses and for the younger kids, Spongebob characters.

The ladies made me feel at home as we exchanged ideas and compliments. Before long we had all become an artist of sorts, glowing at how clever we all were to make such elegant designs!

Making soap is just one of the many hobbies on offer by Pastime who have art and craft classes and workshops for young children, teens and adults to learn Floral Korean wraps, Pastel Nagomi Art, Zentangle, Crochet bags, Acrylic painting and many others like DIY shampoo.

Pastime also offers private workshops and are able to customise for corporate events if required as art and craft offers relaxation and focus for participants.

If you are looking for something new to learn or perhaps wish to become a small entrepreneur, Pastime, owned and operated by Christine and Vivian, can offer you something unique.

Look out for the timetable of some of their June classes, available now on FB.

Have fun!


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